3 Ways Working Moms Can Volunteer At School

When Childcare Falls Through For A Working Mom

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Tips For Planning A Trip to Oahu We recently took a couple’s trip to Oahu to celebrate our anniversary and had a great time! We flew into Honolulu, stayed in Waikiki and visited the North Shore and Windward sides of the island. Here are six tips to help you plan your trip to Oahu: Honolulu and Waikiki are cities so expect traffic… and a city. It is much more than beaches, farms and resorts. Sure, you can find these things on the island, but the North Shore and Windward sides are more laid-back and probably what you picture when you…

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Giveaway and Discount Code Disney On Ice – Princesses & Heroes is coming to Charlotte, and you know me and my girls love live shows. There are so many reasons why children should be exposed to art, and these Disney shows do it in a way that is enjoyable for kids and adults. The show will be in Charlotte October 1st through 5th at Time Warner Cable Arena, and the Disney characters featured read like a “Who’s Who” of Disney. There’s Ariel, Prince Eric, Aurora, Prince Phillip, Jasmine, Aladdin, Cinderella, Belle, Snow White, Rapunzel, Tiana AND Maleficent. Plus, there will be…

3 Ways Working Moms Can Volunteer At School


Yes, working moms can volunteer at school. You may not be able to be in the classroom every week, but your presence can be felt and your child’s teacher will be grateful for the help. Here are three ways I have volunteered in my children’s class that worked well with my office schedule. Co-room parent. I have done this two years and it’s a great help for the main room parent and the teacher. With this role I manage online sign-up requests, help plan class parties and events, and help organize teacher appreciation, along with classroom needs. This frees up…

When Childcare Falls Through For A Working Mom


The Importance of a Family Friendly Corporate Culture A few weeks ago my childcare fell through. Then my back-up care didn’t work out. I was on to back-up number two when I realized it would be easier to take them with me. We dressed, had breakfast and made the way to my office. Once there, the girls set up their mini work space using the DIY activity kit shown above. It’s a laptop sleeve filled with paper, notebooks, markers, etc. They love it and are able to do arts and crafts while I work. When I had a meeting, they…